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Glass-lined Double Cone Rotary vacuum dryer
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Glass-lined Reactor 30000L

  • Glass-lined Reactor 30000L
  • Glass-lined Reactor 30000L
  • Glass-lined Reactor 30000L
Model No.︰5-30000Liters
Brand Name︰Baotang
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 100000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Jacketed Glass lined reactor,  Generally speaking,devided into two kinds of structures: one piece structure ( FF, Monoblock type) and two pieces structure (FK, Flanged type), the capacity from 50 to 50000 liters, with the Electric motor, Reducer, mechanical Seal, Agitator, Thermometer pocket and Drain valve etc, has very good anti-corrosion performance to many corrosivity materials especially for various acids and widely used in the reaction,neutralization, and polymerization etc process.

1. The detailed assembling of our Glass lined reactor:

(1) Electric Motor: Explosion-proof or Ordinary type;

(2) Reducer: Pin-cycloid planetary gearing or Spiral gear & worm drive type;

(3) Seal type: Single seal (Working pressure less than 0.4Mpa)or Double Mechanical Seal(working pressure 0.6MPa or more)

(4) Agitator: Frame (anchor) type; Impeller type; Paddle type; ombination type, the agitating speed from 65-130rpm;

(5) Thermometer Pocket: A type (Straight); B type (Slant),

(6) Glass-lined bottom flush Valve,ordinary type or GL Bottom flush valve with temperature sensor

(7)Glass-lined dip pipe on order.

(8)Glass-lined manhole with fast opening device

2. The techanical performance of Glass lined reactor:

(1)The max working pressure: Inside the vessel: less than or equal to 1.0Mpa ( Single mechanical seal: less than  0.4Mpa, for Double mechanical seal: less than or equal to0.6Mpa); Inside the jacket: less than or equal to 0.6Mpa;

(2) The working temperature: from -20 degree centigrade to 200 degree centigrade, the cooling shock: 110 degree centigrade, the thermal shock: 120 degree centigrade;

(3) The Glass-lining thickness range: 0.8-2.0mm;

(4) The high Voltage-test to the Glass-lining layer: 20KV.

(5) Nonstick: the glass-lining surface is very smooth and clean, very good to the food or high viscosity materials.
 Besides Glass lined reactor, we also make Glass-lined storgae tank, distiller, condenser and dryer etc, certified by ISO9001, we are a worldwide famous manufacutrer and supplier of Glass lined equipments, we enusre our products in high quality but favorble price and excellent service, select us, select trust, please contact us for more details, thanks.

Glass-lined Reactor with Flame-proof motor & reducer,mechanical seal, one glass-lined agitator, one thermometer pocket, one bottom flush valve etc.complete set


Payment Terms︰T/T &L/C
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